How the New Child Allowance Nurtures Social Connectedness and Supports Child Development

“Although it took a global pandemic to provide an unconditional cash allowance to low-income families, this new legislation represents a sign of hope and optimism for the future. This additional financial support will be a game-changer for many families struggling in similar ways my mom and I did growing up. Critically, it gives parents the dignity they deserve by providing the freedom to choose how they need to spend that money for their children. Combined with the fact that so many families qualify for the payments, this spending freedom fosters less stigma and a greater sense of hope, belonging, and social connectedness. Unlike other governmental assistance programs that disqualify parents who out-earn an already low-income threshold, it also empowers parents to invest in their work and careers without being penalized for achieving upward mobility. Most importantly, it sends the message that our society cares about the health and wellbeing of our youth—giving youth a real opportunity to thrive for generations to come.”

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